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Core Drilling Services

Core Drilling for Mineral Exploration

Idea Drilling is a reliable core drilling company with a brand built on safety, environmental responsibility, innovation, quality and cost effective services. Idea Drilling also provides geotechnical drilling services, including projects for engineering firms and state departments of transportation. Our customer list includes some of the most prominent exploration and mining companies in the U.S. A majority of our customer projects are located in Minnesota, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin, and we also provide core drilling services for customers in other areas of the U.S., including the Western and Southeastern regions of the U.S. Our long-term goal is to diversify our business by expanding our presence geographically and by expanding our drilling services capabilities.

Our key differentiation is our strong culture of customer service excellence, which is founded on our drilling productivity, the quality of our work, and our commitment to safety, environmental stewardship and innovation. We are willing to take on the most difficult and unusual projects for our customers. Our brand is built on our consistent ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our success is because of our talented employees, who provide the expertise, experience and the intense commitment to customer service necessary to consistently deliver on our promises to our customers.

Drill Rig Fleet and Support

Idea Drilling has a well rounded fleet of drill rigs and supporting equipment. We continuously upgrade our fleet of equipment to provide the most current drilling technology available and to ensure safe, environmentally sound, and efficient operations. Idea Drilling has a fleet of 19 core drilling rigs capable of drilling from 200 to 7,000 feet, including 3 CT20's mounted on trucks (40,000# hoist), 4 CS3001s mounted on trucks (30,000# hoist), a CT14 mounted on a Marooka (18,000# hoist), 3 CS14s mounted on crawlers (18,000# hoist)' a CS1500 mounted on a truck (18,000# hoist), a U6 and 5 Hagby's outfitted for surface drilling. The U6 and Hagby's can also be outfitted with electric motors for drilling below the surface. The drills mounted on the Marooka and crawlers are able to perform work on sites with difficult access and sites that have wet conditions not suitable for truck mounted drill rigs.

Idea Drilling's headquarters in Virginia, MN includes a team of expert mechanics and other employees who support our drilling activities, equipment maintenance and investments in innovation. In Virginia, MN we have a large first class maintenance facility that houses our fabrication, repair and parts inventory activities, and we have a large warehouse facility to house product inventories. We believe these personnel and facilities provide a competitive advantage in our efforts to support our drilling activities on behalf of our customers.

Innovation: Large Diameter Core Drilling


Most of Idea Drilling's customer projects are located on sites in northern Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin and many of these sites are covered with wetlands. Consequently, a significant amount of drilling is done during the winter months. Idea Drilling has developed an efficient and effective process to perform safe and environmentally sound drilling programs during the cold and snowy winter months. Idea has designed drill shacks to be attached to the drill rig and heating processes to keep crews warm and to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of drilling equipment during the coldest of winter days.


Idea Drilling has been working with a sound abatement engineering firm to reduce the noise levels of its drilling activities when customer drill sites are located near homes, cabins, resorts and other populated areas. Through a better understanding of the sources of noise and how to reduce and disperse noise, Idea Drilling has implemented the use of sound curtains, insulation and other tools and processes that substantially reduce noise levels to minimize the disruption to surrounding areas.


Idea Drilling has successfully utilized barges for several drilling projects where the targets are located beneath lakes and mine pits. Idea's expertise and experience provides for safe, environmentally sound, and cost efficient drilling performance from the deck of a barge.

Drill Hole Surveying Services

Customer geologists need precision in assessing the holes that are drilled for them. Idea Drilling has a team of trained drill hole surveyors to help geologists to site holes and provide azimuths using our Trimble GPS system. We have both magnetic and non-magnetic tools. We can survey while the hole is being drilled or survey after the hole is completed. We can survey each wedge in a hole with multiple wedges or in reverse circulation drill holes inside the drill pipe.

CT14 Mounted on a Marooka. Wrapped to Provide Environmental Protection to the Environment

One of our newest drills now on site in Michigan
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On The Cutting Edge of Drilling

Our drillers have a wealth of experience and strong support from multiple job foremen and the IDEA Drilling management team.We take a proactive, hands-on approach to assure competent, consistent results, and client satisfaction with every job we do. Depending on the equipment needed for the job, we have the capability to drill over 7000 feet of NQ2, and over 3000 feet of PQ. Whether it's underground or surface, easily accessible or hard-to-reach, we have the tools and talent to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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