Large Diameter Core Drilling

An IDEA Drilling Sonic drill installing monitoring wells. Notice the curtains surrounding the sonic drill to reduce noise levels. IDEA has the capability to engineer or provide noise mitigation measures for all drills.


Most of Idea Drilling's customer projects are located on sites in northern Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin and many of these sites are covered with wetlands. Consequently, a significant amount of drilling is done during the winter months. Idea Drilling has developed an efficient and effective process to perform safe and environmentally sound drilling programs during the cold and snowy winter months. Idea has designed drill shacks to be attached to the drill rig and heating processes to keep crews warm and to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of drilling equipment during the coldest of winter days.


Idea Drilling has been working with a sound abatement engineering firm to reduce the noise levels of its drilling activities when customer drill sites are located near homes, cabins, resorts and other populated areas. Through a better understanding of the sources of noise and how to reduce and disperse noise, Idea Drilling has implemented the use of sound curtains, insulation and other tools and processes that substantially reduce noise levels to minimize the disruption to surrounding areas.


Idea Drilling has successfully utilized barges for several drilling projects where the targets are located beneath lakes and mine pits. Idea's expertise and experience provides for safe, environmentally sound, and cost efficient drilling performance from the deck of a barge.

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